When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fast Flips ~

You may delay, but time will not. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Run .5 mile 

EMOTM 10 Minutes
5 C2B Pull ups - glad these still flow!
10 M HandStand walk (scaled to 10 Wall HS w/shoulder taps)

Front Squat 10x1
@ 125# Max weight

EMOTM 10 Minutes
5 Push jerks Max load  round 3 @95#, dropped to 65# to complete. Really able to feel the dip/drive stick overhead, split solid, glad I finished at this weight.

50 Tire flips for time - always fun @ 105 degrees - 4:24

Sprints at the track this weekend, likely no log press work, but will sub with KBs. I know, I know, not completely following the order of programming. Late start this week, good training though. 

My sweetie girl was out with the camera, she is such a champ, makes me look good.  I love it when she comes with me to the box because she, in turn, gets to play her favs too!

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