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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back on the Track

Keep varying the program. 
Your body will tell you what to do. 
~ Joan Benoit Samuelson

Sunday mornings at the track are really nice. Quiet, still cool and I can usually squeeze in some great skill work on the turf.

First real track day in a long long time. There is something about the football field that I just enjoy. Big numbers, clean lines, I don't know ... fun to play on.  I was not surprised at my times, didn't feel bad at all, but I can tell that it has been while since I have engaged that sprint pathway and I was sucking air by the end of each one ;)!

Warm up
I was really feeling some DOMS today. I enjoyed Friday's work and an unschedule day off for Saturday, which was a blessing because I was tired and the heat was over the top.

Indian Clubs @ 2lbs
2 RNDs
10 Torch 
10 Circles each side
10 Alt Shield each side
10 Pendulum each side

2 RNDs - :30 each
High knees
Skipping jumps
Butt kickers
KB swings 12kg

Handstand walks (holds were better)
Cartwheels each side 

5 x 400yd Sprints
5 minute rest between sets


Water, water, water ... not as cool as when I arrived. 

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