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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Lullaby

~John F. Kennedy

Pigeon to Pigeon Transitions

5 RNDs
4 Handstand holds (goal: to pirouette)
4 Backroll to HS (scale: backroll to candlestick)

Not a lot of time to piddle around in the box today. So, jumped right in. 
No lifts today. Holding off until tomorrow am session.

The Lullaby
100 burpees with EMOTM 5 power snatch @45#
500 double unders with EMOTM 5 oh squat @45#
40 minute cap

So, I went scaled my first time in here. Keeping that snatch form solid. It was a fast and furious effort, very fun, but very taxing as well. At 10 minutes I had finished the buprpees and thought, hmmm. The last 3 rounds of OHS just went on forever! Heavier and I would have likely  had to break and I think the goal was to just freakin' GO.

Crazy hat changing day. Started early with work (professional hat), break for WOD (cfjunki hat), back to work, end of the school year party (mom hat), zoom, zoom, zoom, family time (wife hat)! So glad to be able to 'squeeze' this WOD in. Happy for the new program cycle, looks exciting!

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