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Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer is Here!

Finish each day before you begin the next, 
and interpose a solid wall of sleep between the two. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Morning fun at the pool. The day before our first dual meet of the season. Cool! Athletes are prepped as much as we can in two weeks and I think the team is looking great this year.

1500 Swim

Afternoon workouts are not always my favorite at the end of the week and end of the cycle. This week has been a little kaddywampus with rest. So, keep moving forward! Rest is coming this weekend ;). A little swim meet action on Saturday and lazy lazy Sunday and sunshine.

Plow Transitions

No skill wod as Rx - I will get on the P bars soon.
HSPU instead, much better today, shoulders from yesterday are good.
Single arm handstands on the wall.

7x2 @75#
Ugh, these felt lousy and power not squat. I was wishing for cleans.

Just confirms my need for rest. I was not able to get HRV today. Unit was just not cooperating. Very curious though! We'll see what tomorrow brings. Pulse Ox good at 97/HR @54, so not too shabby.

5 minutes to complete
Backsquat @ 1RM Snatch +20 = 105#
Overhead squat @ 75% 1RM Snatch +20 = 85#

Back squats felt fine. Blew through them pretty quick. OHS, well let's just say, I wasn't feeling it. i couldn't find the motivation to even get the weight overhead, so, moving on.

Breathe and get ready for the conditioning WOD, just not a big day, so this should go well. Just get my head in the game ... I was thinking, nap.

5 DL @ 145# (Rx 185# I dropped 20%)
20 Burpee over Bar

Yahoo! I was flying after this one. Totally pumped up. Too bad I couldn't metcon before lifting. But I know better ... Great energy, while the burpees always leave you in a pool of sweat, my form and speed was feeling great. Consistent, no stopping. Bar was a great weight and though I was feeling a little barking in my core, it was goooood.

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