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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1, 2, 3 ... Stay With The Program

Look well into thyself; 
there is a source of strength which will always spring up ...
- Marcus Aurelius

Uplanned rest day - seriously those windows of 'time' sure can mess things up!

Yep, another day of waiting ... went for the following after coaching all morning. Last big effort as we get the taper work in.

1 mile Sandbag carry 
Hello joyful uphill ;) for the first 800

Seriously, when did it get to be Wednesday already?! Well at least I get a day off in between hours of waiting ... what has happened to customer service, competency and overall sense of urgency.

1 mile morning trail run - I am loving these, hope to keep them up through the great weather.

Coaching is slowing down, time on deck still same, but intensity is a little lighter this taper week. Patience, patience ... a few more days, the a series of craziness and then total letdown will likely ensue.   

Mini-Boxing WOD
  • 6 minutes warm up
  • 8 - 2 minute RNDs punch/kick - Hands are healing well, still a little smarts on the right hand, but much much better thanks to WOD Repair Lotion!
  • Jump rope 
Afternoon work
Rope climbs Sam Briggs style ;)
These were hard, but I at least got off the ground for the first set of each RND.

Strength - 4RNDs, 8 Reps :25R
  • Front squat - DBL KB @ 16kg
  • Pull up - dead hang
  • Snatch - KB @16kg each side
  • GHD sit up - straight up w/med ball
Todays chaser:
AirDyne Tabata - yay, ugh!
8 RNDs, 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF

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