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Sunday, July 21, 2013

100 Yds Here/There

To be awake is to walk the border between control and abandon. 
~ Carlos Castenada

Whew! Woke up to an already warm day. 84 degrees at 7am, time to get myself out to the track already! All quiet on the home-front. Family made it home safely but they arrived late, so will be crash city for quite awhile still. It will be a quiet day for us. I plan to keep my phone/computer OFF anything that comes up will be just fine until later! We would do well as a society to take the respond rather than react approach and it has been such a busy week that I need to clear the cobwebs.

I am sure that I repeat this statement often, but it is truth!! I LOVE SUNDAY MORNINGS, in the summer, at the track. Not a human soul around most days. I do often wonder what might be curious in the background, peering through the trees ... just a great feeling of open air and open space! No crowds of a globo gym primed and primped, no stifling confinements of the box, just the sway of the pines whispering to each other far above my head under the bluest of skies.

Warm up
Run 400

Indian Clubs (Steve Cotter warm up)  I like this one best so far.
KB Drill variations (ATW, F82H, Swings etc.)

Skill work
Handstand practice - a few walking 'steps'
Round offs

X (ish) WOD
AMRAP - 20 minutes

  • 100 yd Bear Crawl
  • 100 yd Back Peddle
  • 100 yd Burpee Broad Jump
  • 100 yd Karaoke - really have been wanting to do this one!
 I hit 6 full rotations of up and back so, 12 -100 yds, 3 RNDs with a few seconds to spare at the end. I was certainly done. I am sure I had some kind of time advantage by mixing the movements up vs continuous.

Already too hot to get my hands on the turf for 100 yd so I changed things up a bit and it worked out pretty well. I jammed out of the house without my bag so no gloves ... and didn't think I'd need 'stuff' today.

Adjustments ended up at 25 yd Bear Crawl, 50 yd Back Peddle, 25 yd Bear Crawl x2 followed by the same pattern of Burpee Broad Jump & Karaoke. 

Ok, I have felt like dropping in a pool of sweat in a WOD before but this was ridiculous. Not miserable but tough endurance. I was happy to be on the football field and using the 100 yds up and down, made the distance seem bearable, watching the yardage go by ...I think that I continued to sweat for half an hour after this. Carrying my clubs and bell to the car was work! A quick dip in the river would have been welcome. Should have hung back under a tree for a few, but I was really ready to wrap it up and the temp continued to rise. The bear crawls really hit my hips (and my palms took a little abuse - don't forget the gloves!), I didn't realize how tight I was after those Bulgarian split squats from Friday, DOMS in a big way. Good opener and I will work with some Dbl pigeon/pigeon transitions tonight. I would take continuous burpees over the broad jump today, seriously, how to get your brain to tell your legs what to do ... they just were being rebellious! EXPLODE! or not felt more like bunny hopping.

Good day, good day. Never pass up some personal time and hug your family. When there is nothing pressing on the agenda, it is okay to disappear off the face of the earth for a few hours ;).

Woohoo! Games WODs for Masters announced!

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