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Monday, July 22, 2013

Peace, Love, Swim & stuff

The dream was always running ahead of me.
To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it,
that was the miracle.
~Anais Nin

Love me a simple morning swim these days - 500 yds
Really need to stretch it out after my track morning ;) ~

Indian club opener
Range of motion

Warm up

  • 10 Box jumps
  • 10 Push ups - keep on keeping on 1-Arm destination
  • 10 Goblet squats - pause in the hole, light 8kg

Strength Work sets - 5 sets of 8 reps, :30R between sets

  • Deadlift @155# - felt kind of heavy today @ last set
  • Floor Press @85# - raised on bumpers, worked out well
  • Push Press @75# - felt good!
  • Evil Wheel Roll out w/20# chain - hello hard last few sets

Feeling worked. Good flush. Keep moving.

Jump rope 2min ON, 1 OFF x2
Ooch, tired arms after presses ;)

Punching sets
4 RNDs, 2 minutes each, rest 1 minute
Finish each set w/kicks

3RND finisher set - Bar good mornings 45#, Dips, V-ups

Ok. I think I am going to feel this one. Good rest day ahead. Planning a food load for recovery.

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