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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Find Out

Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it. ~Stephen Pressfield

These are words to be considered! Depth and truth. Does this answer the questions, who are we and why are we here? Do you dare to search for the answer?!

Early coaching day. So, plenty of time for today's workout ;) between classes. This is always a treat rather than having to squeeze things in.

I am feeling the wear of the summer blast. Coaching, training, counseling, living. HRV is steady in caution mode.

Burgener warm up
Jeff - Day 4

4 sets of 5 reps each, done in RNDs

  • Front squat 95# - be happy they make a difference
  • Chin up - I was able to keep these unbroken ;)
  • Floor press 85# - all good on these, heavier next time
  • GHD sit ups - I do love these
I will certainly do these as prescribed next time. RNDs was too much intensity and I know that I could have used the rest in between sets. This was a heavy 4-5RM. Some days you just have to learn ;).

Couldn't resist. It was a really good WOD.

Bar carry for time Rx95#, scaled weight 75# and volume 400/200

  • 200M Overhead bar
  • 200M Front rack bar
  • 200M Deadlift grip
  • 200M Back rack bar 


Heavy bag
6 minutes punching - 4R/L - 8, 4/L/R - 8, 4/ALT - 8, end of each RND 10 kicks each side
6 minutes jump rope 2 ON 1 OFF x2
6 minutes asst work - 3 RNDs - 45/15R, Boxers Twist w/bar, Dips, Battle ropes (damn!)
6 minutes mobility - yes, do it!

I enjoyed the sets but could feel the fatigue right after lunch (Freebirds w/sweetie girl, we were roamers today, trying to find a few things to keep us busy). Dinner out with the family for father-in-law 75th bday, ugh Outback ... luckily the California salad was an unexpected treat. Took advantage of some carb loading w/natural ice cream and whipped cream.

I was a done girlie by 9pm. Sleep was heavenly.

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