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Monday, July 15, 2013

Something Gone Bad

Remember, as long as you are breathing it’s never too late to start a new beginning. ~ Anonymous 

AM Swim
500 yds

Warm up
3 RNDs
Run 200
10 Box jump
10 Push up  1-Arm push up here I come! going to move out to side fingertips on these.
10 Ball slam

Burgener warm up
Jeff - Day 3

Perform each movement for 1 minute. - FGB style ;)

  • Dbl unders
  • KB Swing OH 16kg
  • Goblet squat 16kg
  • Push press 55#
  • Bfly sit up
  • Rest
5 minutes
15/15 - 1-Arm KB Press @ 8kg 

Can't even believe that I could do the finisher. Luckily I had company and we made it happen. Plus, it was kind of a good hair day! HA!

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