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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Synchronicity hints at the unified world 
behind the illusory veil of the material universe. 
Roger S. Jones

If we want to grow spiritually,  all we have to do is take a good look. 
Synchronicity holds the promise that if we want to change inside, 
the patterns of our external life will change as well. 
Jean Shinoda Bolen 

Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, 
pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, 
and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge. 
Deepak Chopra 

Sometimes things get your attention and it is important to take notice. 

Usually for me it is the three-peat and I know it's time.

Okay Universe, I am listening ;).

Yesterday was full. I couldn't find my mojo all day except for the 10+ seconds it took me to sprint 25 yards in the parent/coach relay at the meet. That was fun! The meet went very well and though it was muggy and I felt tired I am so proud of our kids! Some had heartbreak, some had breakthrough and some had a bit of both! I call that living. The youngest members of the team continue to amaze me. They are having the most fun at these meets and it shows in their improvement every week! My big boys really brought their best and had some fun doing it. Laughter is so motivating and fun mixed with focus and a little friendly competition can bring goals to a new level. Learn coach, learn.

Once home and full of a late lunch, I took two power naps and had a chick flick session with my sweetie girl. Early to bed and my favorite Max's Fantasy cake (minus the cake, ahahha, I am all about the frosting, cheesecake and mousse on this one).

Sunday was literally a breath of fresh air. House all opened up, quiet and the perfect meditation to replenish body and soul.

A quick assessment of the next few weeks. Championships are on the horizon, taper week is coming but one more good solid block of training, I think for all of us ;). I planned out a quick rotation of mixed  programming Run/Boxing drills/Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork to set me up for StrongFirst. Oh yes, these moves will be sprinkled in for muscle memory. I have just had a hankering to get my hands on the heavy bag, get a real 1-arm push up and find my flexibility. Through the end of the summer I am going to really take advantage of the amazing energy and space where I live. Less time in the vehicle will keep me grounded, let's hope! 

Warm up
Run 1 mile

10 Push ups (tricep and tight, unbroken)
10 1-Leg squats (assisted below parallel)
TRX Rows to failure
10 Squat thrust

Ugh, not feeling recovered, tired and sluggish.

Burgener warm up w/45#bar
Jeff - Day 2

50 Dbl unders
25 KB Swing @16kg
40 Dbl unders
20 R/L Cleans 
30 Dbl unders
15 DR/L Snatch 
20 Dbl unders
10 R/L Front Squat 

50 Dbl unders
20 KB Swing
40 Dbl unders
15 R/L Cleans
40 Dbl unders
10 R/L Snatch
30 Dbl unders
8 R/L Front Squat

50 Dbl unders
15 KB Swing
40 Dbl unders
10 R/L Cleans (feeling a little frisky, did a clean & press on these)
30 Dbl unders
5 R/L Snatch
20 Dbl unders (still frisky, did max reps here 78)
5 R/L Front squat

I made myself a deal. Originally only planned one quick round, however, if I started the second round, I HAD TO FINISH all 3. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my engine, but I went for it.

Post work
Parallette dips

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