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Friday, July 12, 2013


The only life worth living is a life that you are truly and honestly passionate about. 
~ Albert Einstein

Yesterday was a good rest day. 3 hours on deck coaching, then a couple hours of down time with my sweetie girl and her friends. Cruise in gear, windows rolled down, singing full on (u can't touch this!), silliness at its best. Remember the days when ... off to coach in Folsom, whew! My coaching hat trick ;) awesome for me. CFA Anywhere this week Roseville, EDH and to top it off a great evening in Folsom with the Anywhere X class. I love to watch people learn to find their kip. I had a great opportunity for this.

Today it was time to get my X ON. I could barely contain myself during the workout yesterday, so decided after swim and some office time, I would get my WOD in on the hill. I really needed the day off yesterday and there is always movement in coaching the moves but to get the work done myself is bliss. Yes, this includes the snatch ;) and here I made the commitment over the next month to do the Burgener warm up every time I workout. 

Looking forward to squeezing in the 100 pull ups workout ;). Darn rest days can get in the way of the fun stuff, however I will make it a  trio with a KB snatch and row. Could be a great celebration post meet ... going for the W tomorrow!?

Warm up
Sticking to the basics on this one today.

  • TRX Rows
  • Push ups
  • Squats

Burgener Warm up - 45# Bar
Jeff ... Day 1

CFA AnywhereX WOD
AMRAP 20 minutes - Get A Grip!

  • 200 KB Farmer Carry
  • 150 Single Unders
10 RNDs 

...  frayed jump rope and a few lacerations later ... GOOD! Steady pace, afternoon work can find me a little low energy and this week has been a test of my patience and composure under some extra stressful scenarios. So I am very pleased at the consistency. I thought I might hit this with double unders, but that was not the programming and it felt pretty good to shake up some of the single under movements. Great pace. I am bummed about my rope though, another one bites the dust. I thought I would be fine under the smooth surface of our outside structure, but no go. Repair? There are so many new ropes out it just might be time to try something new out. Research!

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