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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Song

In summer, the song sings itself.  ~William Carlos Williams

Morning Joy
Tread water 30 minutes

Sprint 25 Freestyle - Get out, 25 Push ups
Sprint 25 Breast stroke - Get out, 25 Squats
Sprint 25 Butterfly - Get out, 25 act Flutter kicks over the pool edge

Yeah baby! Love these little dittys!

Afternoon Rub
Warm up
Row 300M
20M Bear Crawl
Ring rows - no partner for tug o war!

Atlas Stone - 40/70/90#
Just too freaking hot to focus on these. Really want that 115 but it wasn't today.

Backsquat worked up to 165#
5 sets of 3

I hear myself saying REST out loud, I know that I am in that mid-swim summer league phase of just being damn tired when it comes to heavy ... this felt ick. Should have given this one the heave-ho today. Solidifies my decision to take this month off of L2 training and focus on StrongFirst movements for the fall cert.

KB OHSwing 24kg
Burpee over Box 20in

Gawd! On top of the heat inside the box, these were not as much of a delight as I had hoped ;). I super loved the swings, of course.

Must check the eating, I think that I am under feeding a bit believe it or not. So much activity these last couple of weeks and on a tough roll for the next few weeks. Check it all! HRV, pay attention, don't just measure!

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