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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Conquer the Sled!

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
~ Henry David Thoreau

AirDyne - 2 miles
EKG series
Prasara - Dragonfly - in full attempt and ... hips too tight to hold! argghhhh


EMOTM 10 minutes
1 Rope Climb - hello Nano 3.0! Fantastic!!
5 Ring rows
5 Ring push ups (just get the friggin' MU already!)


High bar BSquat 3x5 @125#
Strict press 3x5 @55#
Bent row 3x10 @95#

Assist joy

100M BB lunges @ 75#
100M Butcher HiPush - new sleds .... HAD to ;) - ended up being about 200M while helping a partner @ 195#, then 45# overhead plate carry, yep, needed to get that badboy home!

I see through the eyes of  my soul

Food nugs
Peaches & cream smoothie
Pasture egg omelete w/summer ripe tomato & basil
Sesame seasoned chicken w/steamed cruciferous veggies over rice & arugula

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