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Friday, August 23, 2013


Row 1000M

EKG - ready for L2
Prasara Flock of Pigeons - well at least it was a pigeon flow and needed! I am tight!

5 strict pull up, 5 kipping pull up, 5 bfly pull up - GREAT combo, fun

Strength - joining Patty in the 5x5 ... SMOLOV was a bit to intense for my re-entry and I am not confident that my recovery was going all that well. So, shaking it up a bit, need to find my footing for the next 12 weeks of training. Fall is an amazing time of year and I want to feel solid in my efforts both indoor and outdoor.

Squat 5x5 @ starting weight of 75# just didn't feel right starting with the bar...
Bench press 5x5 @ 55# - definitely will work with floor press ;)
Bent row 5x5 @ 75#
1 minute rest between sets - this went rather quickly. Pleased with the timing overall.

Feels like a little de-load but since that is actually scheduled for next week this fits in perfect as I catch up with myself.

No sled today ;( too much work to get down the hill. Tires are all locked up for the time being, so ... here is the alt.

10 bar Good mornings
10 Dips
10 Glute raises

I fearlessly speak my truth.

Food nugs
I have been stuck in my omelet phase, time to think about changing things up! Nice and thin texture today with spinach, nori sheets and a side of grapefruit.
Decadent SFH chocolate whey based smoothie with whipped mousse and cream. Vanilla creme GF wafers to top it off. Who says you can't have dessert as a meal sometimes!
Southwest chicken breast romaine wraps with sweet red peppers from Sourthfork I cooked up over the sloppy ground beef skillet last night! Um, good!!

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