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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Let your determination kick in.
And let yourself Marvel.

Yipee! Fun training day. I am loving the EKG Maxims. Here I thought I was settling into a calm pace, but this week has been full of activity. Hardly getting time to even sit at my desk unless I am in a consultation. Friday is almost here and a short reprieve is not far behind.

EKG - KB Shinbox switch w/ext, KB pullover w/ext, SL Kick/DL, Quad sprawl w/DL

StrongLifts B
Right into 5x5 warm up

5 RNDs
50M BW Butcher's HiPush/50M Sprint

Whoa. I forget sometimes that this is darn tough. Completely spent and happy. I have had to push this assist work out a few times, but today was the day and it did not disappoint!

Boxing sequence - punch w/kick 4RNDs

10 GHD sit up/10 KB Russian Swing 24kg/5 Atlas stone ground to shoulder 75#

Completely forgot the jump rope finisher today. But I guess my class skill work with DUs counts for something!

Food nug
Off of eggs for now and on to some delic yogurt w/grapefruit
Post coaching/pwod lunch Rubios Mahi over shredded cabbage, salsa, rice & jicama/cilantro
The fire is burning - snack peanut butter (a rarity) w/chocolate p-powder/coconut flakes
Southwest chicken in romaine wraps w/sour cream & garden tomato, shredded cheese 

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