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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hold & Resume

Realize what you can be.
Feel all the strength that you build,
And put it in what you believe.

I am not always the best at days off. Sometimes you have just got to hold off and listen. Not that I don't enjoy a good rest day, but I think there are just so many things that I can enjoy even in a short technique session. A little sore this morning, but it shook off pretty quick with a some simple yoga flow and a good cup of joe. Stretching & The Fuzz. Seems to be a topic of interest this week. I am determined to keep mine in check. I will often find myself working on something, especially if I am in the box. But today ... great coaching morning, so much to focus on and a little luau dress up, so completely distracted and took a full rest day. Big juicy burger and girl talk for lunch. How could it get much better than that?!

Okay, so woke up feeling groggy today. Not so much tired but a little low on energy. Planned out my training week as I  knew there would be some days requiring adjustment to the normal schedule and proceeded to drag my butt into the gym. Must resume motion. Once there and warmed up all was good ;). Plus scored two small truck tires on my way home. Kinda happy with that.

NO EKG or otherwise this morning.

StrongLifts A
Back squat @100# - these felt very good, smooth and efficient
Bench press @ 70# - because I am rotating between Floor press & bench, I thought about holding at my last weight, but glad I didn't.
Bent row/Barbell row or ... @ 80# - which I should call the Pendlay row for accuracy.

Over all, feeling good on the lifts today. Still taking 1 minute rest between sets. Need to read further on this and determine the best time to adjust.

Asst work
3 RNDs
20 Sandbag lunges @ 40ish #
10 ES - Around the World
10 ES KB Snatch @ 12kg

4x Row 250, 1 minute rest between

Keeping it short and sweet today. I do plan to do the Hotshots 19 WOD next week in honor of the firefighters so no use over doing things. Looking forward to those high rep power cleans ... Segway to article...

Good reads
The Not-So-Evils of High Rep Weight Lifting
Key concept: Funny how it comes back to good coaching.

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