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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Perfect Partner

Respect your work,
Respect your body,
Health is first.

The important  question is ... are you making decisions that lead to a better quality of life? Over-eat/under-eat, healthy food/junky food, train/rest, stress/joy, react/respond, love/tolerate, spirited/distracted, service/selfish ... you must be engaged, body, mind & soul.


EKG (as written above!) - KB L1
Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork a little mix of BWL2 & KBL1

  • Shinbox switch w/KB, 
  • KB Pullover w/Hip ext, 
  • Leg thread, 
  • Deck squat 
  • Mtn Climber Sprawl as it really feels good before squat work.

Already sweating and feeling wonderfully warm, so headed straight into strength sets. Love having a good workout partner, really makes things move right along. Focus.


5x5 A
Backsquat 90#, Floor press 65#, Bent row 75#

Man, Patty has a cool Strong Lifts App, tracking and timer, but only for the iPhone, boo! I do love the android, but sometimes ... patience.

EMOTM 10 minutes
5 Power Snatch @bar

Wasn't sure I was going to be able to fit these in before coaching, but it was a beaut. Working on technique is always a good thing!


Boxing sequence - Punching/kicks, 4 RNDs 

Asst - 3 RNDs 10 tire flips, 10 ATW es, 10 Figure 8 to Hold es
Jump rope finisher - 2 ON , 1 OFF and that was that. Various jumps w/my fav being the side whip!


Today I am going with the quote up top ;). Too good not to burn into your lifestyle. Right on theme with accountability and the article linked below. 

Excellent read! I honestly believe that CrossFit is the tool and how you use it is completely up to you. Only YOU are responsible for your for health and longevity.

A Different Version of CrossFit

Food nug
IF Coffee
PWOD BCAA + coconut water
Snackish between workout and coaching - Greek yogurt (non-fat, I only use this pwod) w/Giddy-up Granola (gf) & cinnamon
Burger over shredded lettuce & banana peppers, sweet potato in jacket w/butter & bacon
Shrimp & coconut patties, asparagus, side baby greens salad
Rootbeer float! Coconut ice cream & our homemade 'root' beer (took a 'how to make fermented drinks' class earlier this year!) YUM! To celebrate my sweetie girl getting the lead role in her school play!

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