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Monday, August 26, 2013

Never Plateau

If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, 
then you are forced to expand your consciousness.
~ Les Brown

So, the plan was for this to be a day off. I am in de-load week which to me means, hello ... time to play with some cool stuff. Since I am early into the 5x5 it fits just fine and I can't believe that I have hardly touched the KBs over the last few weeks. Results, big fun today, no pressure on performance.

Overall a great coaching morning. A fantastic training day and some excellent chatting time. I might consider this as close to a day off as I dare come. I am re-ignited about my upcoming training cycle and just overall feeling in a great place. Taking a breath, enjoying food & feeling success in an overall reset from the summer has left me replenished and feeling revitalized.

Warm up
10 M Toy soldiers
50M Empty sled push
10 Inch worm to push up (diamond 5 at a time)

Ball slam 20#
Wall ball 14#


Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork (EKG)
Added the light KBs in for these. Happy girl :) progress. Planning to incorporate the KB L1 movements & move into BW L2.

  • Shinbox Switch w/ext (R/L) - KB L1
  • Spinal Rock w/ext
  • Single Leg Kick/DL
  • Mtn Climber Sprawl (squat to R/L return to squat/stand


  • 5x3 OHSquat @75# - de-load weight and well honestly, I haven't done these in a while!
  • 5x3 Bfly pull up - fluid

Boxing sequence
I love the our Rsvl box has a heavy bag and battling ropes and lots of fun toys for assist work. I consider it a Big Kids Playground!

4 RNDs - this is going well to me. In the 4th round I added in the uppercut. It will now be a part of the full sequence. 1st - R/L, 2nd - L/R, 3rd - Alt w/hook, 4th - Alt w/hook & upper cut, body punches & R/L kicks @ end of each set

Jump rope 2 min ON, 1 OFF - going to move up to 3 minutes of varied jumps, really tired here.

3 RNDs - 30 sec ON, 30 sec OFF - KB Russian swing (16kg), GHD sit ups, Battling ropes

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