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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Feeling 'Super'

"Most of the shadows of this life
are caused by standing in one's own sunshine."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finishing out the week with some new 'sports' and really taking a moment to breathe! Pre-dawn found me enjoying a dbl sized dark coffee (homemade!) and a drive to Lake Tahoe ;). Reservations for kayak and my first attempt at S.U.P. and yup, it was spectacular!

I was definitely feeling invincible after my repeated rides on Superman and my BFF (sweetie girl) trinket was completely appropriate after balancing this last round of life, moving faster than a speeding bullet (I was here, there and what seemed like everywhere), still in my mind, more powerful than a locomotive (between the KB and the barbell, this aging carbon unit is still doing pretty good) and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, oh yeah (or at last a box, wall or other relative object)!

A warm up on the lake with a dbl kayak trip, rhythm, peace and flow. Nothing like the therapeutic waters of big blue. Then, a trek around the cove on what was a most peaceful adventure. All quiet around, it was just my heartbeat, my paddle and my balance. The clarity of the water as well as the thoughts in my head. Ahhh, so this is what I have been missing. A moment alone.

The water was cool, the day warm. Surrounded by friends and the family, we swam, sunned and certainly enjoyed the perfect lazy day. Sleep came easy and I know my nervous system is grateful ;) for the change of pace!

1 mile morning trek, the smell of fires loomed ;( - these will be on hold

Later morning workout
Not feeling skill today. Will pick up with L2 and review this weeks training in the evening.

Indian club warm up - I think the upper body will thank me.

Strength 5 sets 8 reps, R:25
  • Deadlift - hello glutes, I feel you
  • Pull up - really struggled with these deadhang today
  • Bench - wanted to Clean, however, with so much construction the group room was out, floor space was sparse and no room to play.
  • Slant board sit ups
No boxing, no finisher, nope, just picked up some market items for dinner and made my way home. Volleyball practice later tonight, all good on the work sets today.

I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

Food choices
Amazing pastured egg omelet, heirloom tomato (the season is moving out too soon!) grapefruit
Pre-WOD coffee
Post WOD smoothie - PRO/CHO
Bison burger, sauerkraut over spinach, celery soup w/spicy mustard, sweet potato

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