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Friday, August 9, 2013

Master the Flow

Master the flow and technique. 
Liberate the body.

EKG - BW L1, C1
Getting into this cycle with some seriousness.
I see this as a precursor to Prasara, will be a good combo.
Can't wait to take these BW movements and add those bells!
  • Shinbox switch w/ext
  • Spinal rock w/ext
  • Single leg DL w/fr kick
  • Mtn Climber Sprawl
Looks like  SMOLOV coming up, seriously, I need a roadmap to keep up sometimes! I am committed to finishing out my recovery routine for the rest of this week! It has felt wonderful and kept me moving. I have been able to rotate similar squats/movements within the cycle and keep it fresh.

I have managed to lose about 5# of what has felt like inflammation since making the change.
Sometimes, you just have to listen to the body. Now, just need to get in to look at some body comp results. Here's to feeling smart, refreshed and moving on!

Handstand walk

5 sets of 8 reps, R:15
  • Bulgarian split squats, bar 65#
  • Bent over row (Pendlay) 105#
  • Push press 75#
  • Fat bar curls 45#
  • Med ball Reverse crunch on slant board - 12# - um, post hollow rock, ooch!
I am sure that I could use some coaching on this, but I am really enjoying the process. Maybe in the next cycle I'll get back with a trainer. Working sets for form and settling into the routine nicely. Since it is not my goal to actually spar, this is fantastic and my arms are feeling incredible!
  • Punch - 2 min ON, :30 OFF - 4-R/L, 8 Alt, 4-L/R, 8 Alt, 4-Alt w/hook x2, Kicks end of RND
  • Jump rope - 2 min ON, 1 OFF
  • Assist 3 RNDs - 10 each side slosh pipe, 10 Evil wheel, 10 Dips on box
Roll it out!

A day in nature ... a new experience. At some point it seems important to take the step and try out a few firearms. Understanding the safety, realizing the power and taking the responsibility. I imagine that this actually counts as playing new sports. There was certainly endurance, strength and balance.

I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.

Strawberry protein smoothie w/coconut creme & flakes, cinnamon sprinkle
Eggs w/broccoli, dolmas, pink grapefruit
Beef over spinach salad, green onions & artichoke hearts, sweet potatoes

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