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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. 
~ Carl Sagan

Finding my energy very low today.

With my sweetie girl at her first day of school I should certainly have had a thousand things to get done. Sadly no, I took a nap after working in-office. It did offer the perfect opportunity to get in a delicious homemade lunch though :).

Prepped for my coaching evening and off to the organic farm for fresh eggs and greens. Life is good, sometimes it is ok to take it a little slow. Remember to enjoy the scenery and with no particular goals ahead, other than training for a better quality of life, health and happiness, it's okay to have a down day.

2 mile AirDyne - seriously not feeling the last mile

  • EKG - shinbox switch w/ext, spinal rock w/ext, sl/dl w/kick, mtn climber sprawl (sore today these were tough)
  • Prasara scorpion flow - or something related to that ;)

5x3 Ring dips

Accumulate 2 minutes in Handstand - on wall and freestanding
Accumulate 2 minutes in Hanging L-sit

Snatch 5@bar
Clean & Jerk - tired skipped, disappointed bc I like these

SMOLOV D3 - oh my lower body is so feeling this. Looking forward to a day off.
3x8 @105/5@110/2x2@120/1 @130

No MetCon - will resume on Friday for D4

Food nugs
Way over carb/sugar day, but all okay. Super worth it ;)
Oatmeal waffles w/ pasture eggs, butter
Chicken thighs baked perfectly w/asparagus
Frozen yogurt - Barista coffee & vanilla w/chocolate/yogurt chips, fudge
Post coaching smoothie - sfh w/strawberry & coconut

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