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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In the illuminated mind the whole world sparkles with light. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Smokey, smokey, smokey mornings and it seems there is no containment at this point.  Concern here is for nature first, and personally, air quality.

Warm up
EKG 4 movements x :90, R :30
Prasara - Rocking Eagle Flow - first time on this one. Like it. 

Skill WOD
5 RNDs  complex - no rings 
1 TRX 3 Row/3 Dip
1 Arm PU progression
1 Forward roll

Burgner warm up - PVC
SMOLOV - Intro cycle, Wk1, D2
3sets of 8 reps @105#, 5 reps @110, 2x2 @120, 1 @130#

Building muscle. Seems that even with ETP there is still confusion over building vs losing fat. Here are a few key elements to building, fat loss will come alongside as you make diet adjustments however you cannot see muscle you do not have. I think the big mystery is to dig deep into #2. 
  1. First, you have to train to stimulate muscle growth.
  2. Then you need to eat ample nutrients and raw materials to support that growth.
  3. And last but not least, you HAVE to allow recuperation to take place. And that happens with rest, time away from training… and the most important part of recuperation… SLEEP!
Wonder Woman Pose ... 
Showing your strength ...Strike A Pose?  Great article. Bring out your Wonder Woman! Those days when strength seems a bit elusive. I am giving this one a GO!

As awareness expands, what once seemed to be obstacles are now clearly opportunities.

Food nugs
Broccoli & tomato omelete, w/basil, butter
85/15 Beef sliders stuffed w/parm, green onion & cilantro, turnip fries w/asparagus
Coconut ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate covered almonds - hmmm splurge on!

Looking forward to my trek to SouthFork Farm for some good organic eats tomorrow!

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