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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fluxing Your Muscle

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” 
~ Khalil Gibran

Day OFF! Rest, recovery and relax ;) Might drop in for a quick late afternoon mini-boxing session, but no other 'work', just play.

Another quick tidbit on eating an adequate whole food building based diet for health, performance and longevity. EAT! If you have been stuck in the carb depleted lifestyle that has become Paleo, you are doing it wrong! You are losing your potential for energy by yes, taking out those foods/nutrients that help to supply it. I am not talking twinkie cheats here peeps. Most Paleo eaters (as well as CrossFitters) are losing power, gaining fat and dumping metcons. Not a pretty site for one drinking the kool-aid. Under-eating calories is the top concerns when we take a deeper look. The Paleo (hard to define exactly) dietary guidelines were built as an anti-inflammatory program and it works extremely well.  There can be caveats which fall into a more Primal definition (more fluctuation in food options) and the many other names that this falls under (SCD, PHD, Bulletproof, etc.).  Get these basics under your belt and begin to strive for optimal!

What is important is to find the energy-flux. You must follow the basics noted in my last post regarding building muscle. It is not about simply eating more carbs and adjust for the Paleo deficit though. Flux means flow and we’re talking about energy flow into and out of the body. So energy-flux covers both the intake and expenditure sides of the equation.   Adjusting macronutrients so that you can eat more usable calories and all the while improve metabolism, lean mass and body fat %. How?! 

  • You should be actively working with a strength program (CrossFit, Westside, Wendler, SMOLOV, StrongLifts etc.), include mobility/yoga and some basic conditioning (if not CF or otherwise prescribed). 
  • Eat at TDEE on work days and TDEE -10% on rest/recovery days.
HUGE NOTE: If you are currently under calorie, you must gradually (10-20% increase weekly) work up to your TDEE unless you aren't concerned about weight and possible fat gain. You have to pay attention for a while, note how you are feeling and performing.

Off soap-box ;) 

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