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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

... and BREAK!

Rest when you're weary. 
Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. 
Then get back to work." 
~ Ralph Marston

EKG - Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork - BW L2
Just working on some skills. No lifting today ;). Trying to take rest seriously. I like to be in motion, so sometimes this can be tough.

I AM IN! I have decided to take the Evolution Power Pack weekend workshop and hang out with the Wolf Pack for a couple of days! Looking forward to some serious fun with the Kbs and Indian Clubs among other things.

October, patiently awaiting and working on  my foundation skills ;).

Decided to hang with the CFAX class today. Almost too much fun to pass up. I made a couple of modifications to work on specific skills during the Burpees, yay!

1 mile AirDyne
Flush things out. Yesterdays work left a little fuzz.

3 RNDs
Monkey bar pass - used both sides of the double wide - cool
20M Bear Crawl
20M Low Lateral Side Step

Snatch - Burgner Warm up
KB Snatch technique

5 minutes Jump rope (I mixed R/L, DBLU, Side, Cross etc)
R 1 minute
5 minutes Burpees (mixed bag of Burpee, Quad sprawl)
R 1 minute
5 minutes Handstand Hold
R 1 minute
5 minutes Abmat sit ups, straight leg

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