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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buckle Down

... total stress load is a key determinant of long-term health and longevity ...

StrongLifts B
145# Backsquat
80# Floor press
105# Pendlay row

Belt is on, time to keep it on as I buckle down and focus is needed on these sets. Why does 145# seem heavy at times? I guess it is the last couple of sets. Keep with the program. I really prefer the floor press over the bench and I think my app dropped me back into the same weight because of last weeks timeout. All good, rather see the numbers go up than worry about a blip. Row is good. Row is good. 

On hold, will do L1 WOD tomorrow. Volleyball match ... Go GT! Sweetie girl is so so excited about her new found power in her serve. Can't wait to see it in action.

Oh I love when they get programmed in ;).

The symbols I see hold deeper meaning. 
Oh, this one is hitting home today. Maybe all of the Smallville I am watching ;) but at another level, it is  number combinations, cloud formations, awareness. Of what? Not so sure, but I like the observation.

CrossFit Has Secrets? - Personal responsibility BOOM! Nicely done.

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