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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trust Your Training

On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain;
either you will reach a point higher up today,
or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.
~ Fredrich Nietzsche

Training my powers ... oh so much to ponder here! There is some depth that I will give some serious thought to.

I find myself, still anxious. Taking these full days off, is good, but I still want to be in motion. Working some bells today. Just feeling the need to swing and keep some movement flowing. All things with medium intensity. But I am feeling the need for a blow it all out WOD, maybe a chipper, soon. I have to be squat responsible until I reach the progress level. I guess I am 'training my powers'.

It is an amazing weather day and I couldn't resist getting the work done right on my doorstep. I think the temp hit 65, breezy, with the bluest of blue sky.

Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork

Getting ready for the 6 Pack 1/2?! 10 weeks out
Completely unofficial, canyon trail run. Let's do it!
Luckily my driveway is just about the right distance for this one.
  • 8x200, 2 min rest
Kettlebell Drills
Basic Ladder

Warm up
15 TRX row
10 Lunge stretch each side
10 OHSquat PVC

5-1 Ladder (each side all w/12kg)
  • Bent row
  • 1 Arm swing
  • Squat
  • Snatch
  • Push up on KB
  • Tactical lunge
Volleyball is going well.! Us old folk are out there getting it done, let's hope that continues tonight as well. We are 4/6 matches so far. Not bad for second year newbies. Weather is changing and time to stay warm. Good thing we have a bye on our 3rd match tonight ;). Crockpot and family snuggle on the agenda.

In silence is my wisdom.
Listen for the silence under the noise today.

Is CrossFit going to kill you? If it hasn't in 5 years, I might be safe :).
Great response from Layne Norton.

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