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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. ~ Emily Bronte

Great nutrition class today. Discussed the Natural Athlete. Things to consider:

  • Why do we train? Fitness/Performance/Competition?
  • How do we measure success? Numbers/Satisfaction/Feedback?
  • How do we get there? Programming/Nutrition/Recovery?
  • Does our lifestyle support our goals? Practice/Commitment/Attitude?

Right leg, something feeling not quite right in the knee. Must explore the Supple Leopard tactics. Time to test out in EKG here as well.

StrongLifts B 5x5/5x5/1x5
Backsquat 140#/OHP 50#/Deadlift 145# :)
Taking the full 4-5 minutes rest on the squat now. Keep the faith. Stick to the program.

10 Pull ups - nice & easy unbroken
10 GHD sit - same
10 KB OHswing @16kg - and again, w/breath work
2 each side 50# Ground to Shoulder w/slamball, anxious to get the atlas stone in the mix again

Boxing sequence - 4 RNDs - felt good to be back in this action.

Contemplated a good dry sauna aaaannnnddddd ... no go. Too much life to get to.

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