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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rest Not Rebuild

It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary.
 ~ Richard Whately

Couple of days off for some rest and repair. Just feeling a bit low energy with the pressure system coming in, tight hammy still tickling. Time to consider some more cleansing and warming foods, a digestive boost and the need to take care of the whole.

If there is one thing that has happened over the last year, I have learned to listen. There is no reason to drive myself into the ground and crash. The weather is cooling off, the body is adjusting to the new season, the mind is ready for some fall retreat. Everything rotates.

So, back at it! There is still a program to be followed. L2 is coming up on de-load week, so this week it will be strength, oly technique and maybe 1 metcon followed up with one day of cardio output. Simple re-entry starting with a perfect Sunday morning.

StrongLifts A
The new app put me back at my last weight so, I'll go there. Started with the warm-up sets for each lift.
Backsquat 135#/ Bench 80#/Row 100#

30 minutes walking w/sandbag

All felt good. All things are right again, really fresh, post rain air quality - ahhhh!

No assist work today.

Team chili cook-off! This year coach has made a smokey beefy chipotle pot! We are going 3D with the whole family involved ... Deeds x3 that's a lot of masterminding and taste testing.

Shower, collect the family and bring on the chili :)!

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