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Sunday, September 29, 2013


' ... your training should be equal to your goals. '

So, I have felt it is time to make another adjustment. I am doing well in the StrongLifts 5x5 program but really missing my metcons and 'other' training which I don't feel will blend well with continuing here.  My only fail is the Overhead Press and I do feel that I am working on gaining here. Fail is actually good in this view :) as it means growth to me.

Revisiting my goals, how much do I need to squat, lift, push, pull etc? Found some strength standards for women and want to consider this for a bit as I adjust. Want, need, expect ... Am I honest with myself about what I want or do I think I want what someone else wants for me? In my mind, it is a good time to blend and I believe moving to a program like Starting Strength or perspective from StrongFirst is a good option. I am anxious to get back into cleans and Oly in general. So a all of this consideration is coming up here over the next few weeks :).

Goals. Well, usually my main goal is to have fun. Am I having fun? When I hang with my partner Patty and train, yes. When I am left to my own lifting session, okay, sometimes, but I miss the energy of a crazy met-con, falling to the floor spent and satisfied :). Now I fully well know that daily is no longer a smart way to train and believe me, I sweat plenty, but that isn't it. It is much much more.

Friday I leave for the Evolution Power Pack!! What a treat. A full weekend of mobility, club bell, kettle bell, med ball, restorative & bodyweight! Super excited. Will continue to advance in the EKG this week with tapping into KB L3. 

Again, doing the work because being anxious to get to KB L3/4 is on my mind, but I really want to weave as the training program recommends.

StrongLifts Transition to SS

  • 5x3 @ 150# Backsquat - still in the flow. Back to few minutes rest. 
  • 3x5 @ Bar OHPress - ugh, these are not feeling well. Not sure why. Maybe too fast, maybe no focus. Maybe too many fails in the past. I know it is in my mind bc 65# was fine. So, dropping  back is part of the plan, follow it. Find the build. I can't wait to get the KBs up on this and see how it couples.
  • 3x5 @155# Deadlift, yeah! Have been anxious to add these couple of sets! Whoo hoo! Great way to end the session. These are really the lifts that I am excited about!
All sets ended with 10 reps @ 50%, superset.

1000M Row

Looking forward to KB class tomorrow. Will include some good swings & drills for SGF1 practice. I am due for some sprints this week as well.

I serve my future self. 
Perspective on this. Continue to live in the moment ;)
Let your morning self do something nice for your evening self and let your evening self do something for tomorrow morning's self.

Food nugs
Excellent, excellent listen. Sometimes you need to get in there and do the hard work. 
Evil Sugar Radio - Fat Loss & Metabolism Leigh Peele

IF am/coffee straight up
PWOD shake - big lift transition for me today for 5, so ... enjoyed
Eggs & spinach, parm sprinkle
Raw cake - sometimes you have to just try it! 
Tri tip w/caramelized onion, garlic & potato, red wine with hubby ;)

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