When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Thursday, September 5, 2013


You  just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. 
I made every mistake that could be made. 
But I just kept pushing.
 ~Rene Descartes

Warm up
EMOTM 10 minutes
6 Push ups - working on the 1-arm strategy so diamond push ups today
6 Step ups - 20"

Indian Clubs for a bit, no real structure here. Working on the basic flow.

Headstand - 10 minutes
Good to play here with this movement.

Boxing sequence
4 RNDs Punch/Kick

Meant to jump rope ... Oops! Many people coming in and out today, a few distractions.

Finish work
100M bar carry
100M sled push 1/3BW - went 95#
.25M AirDyne

Just a little flusher today. I am really feeling yesterdays work. Hello core, stick to serious, if I laugh too much I just might fall over today. I went with a bit more intensity on the Battling ropes and think that was the culprit. So, my intention for today was to sweat a little and get some overall body movement.

The nature of the mind and its ideas.

Food nugs
Not really feeling the hunger today. Oops, I might have said that out loud :)! No real lifts today so keeping it in the 'control' range. I am way under any measure, but will just take it and move along.

Eggs. Simple.
Water, and should be more water, but ... enjoyed my coffee + during coaching hours.
Just not feeling a post work nibble and no pwod necessary, just hydration.
Grapefruit. Juicy and ripe. Simple.
Almond butter w/cream & a very melted Sees chocolate (sorry Nutty-fresh! it was in the bag)
Garlic w/cajun spiced chicken breast over sliced and lightly sautéed heirloom tomato. Simple.

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