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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Squeeze In

The tighter you squeeze, the less you have. 
~Thomas Merton

Hahahaah, does that mean squeeze the glutes?! Well they get it during this squat based program! And a bit of chalk to compliment the work done. Partner snapping pics makes me laugh, but ... I was a chalk mess today, right on the hindquarters ;). Hey ... it happens. Sometimes I see the the chalk is an expression of the work, mental and/or physical.

As things get heavier by the last set, my inner sabotage seems to rear her ugly head. Is this hard, it's going to be hard, does it have to be hard, it really isn't heavy so why does it sometimes feel hard? Don't you know there is a difference between 1/3/5RM? Don't you know that squatting 3-4x in a week can take a little out of you? Did I say this was hard, it probably isn't hard for other women. Zip it, chick! Loosen your grip on the process and let it happen.

Yes, do the work and let the results speak for themselves. So far I am feeling good and while I was sore last week I am taking better control of the assist work for support not breakdown. I cannot believe that I slept for 10 hours last night. That rarely happens, but I'll take it, happily. It must mean good repair is going on and looking forward to the cumulative results.

Do I today, or tomorrow, today, tomorrow. Tick tock says the clock. Today it is. Squeeze it in but get it done. Late workout but pleased that I decided to fit it in.


StrongLifts A - 5x5
Backsquat 130/Bench press 75/Pendlay row 95

Split jerk 5x4 @ 75 w/4D walk

3 RNDs
5 Push press @ 55#
10 Dips
10 T2B

No Metcon - thinking about a track day tomorrow morning ... Love those Sunday ams at the track!

Food nug
KIND bar - dark chocolate cherry/w almond butter (I hate when these go on sale, I just can't resist! Only bought one this time, so ...)
PWOD - shake
Nacho Pot - finally getting to this!! Holy yum. We really enjoyed every bite.

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