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Friday, September 13, 2013


Two of the most powerful warriors are
patience and time.
~ Leo Tolstoy
Rest day
Absolutely no gym time! No coaching, no training, nada.

Some Indian Clubs this morning for technique, mobility and circulation. Prepping a bit for the Evolution Power Pack, though I am sure I will be completely blown away by what I will learn there!


Not so much a meditation but a realization of what we should know we can control daily.

1. We have control over our opinions

2. We have control over our choices
3. We have control what we move away from 
4. We have control over what we move toward 

Food nugs

In the ETP world, today will be a CNTRL day, kinda
Last morning of eggs ;), parsley 
Green smoothie & greek yogurt
Super splurge at BJs w/hubby ;) Bison burger w/bbq sauce, naked over slaw & romaine, chocolate chip pizookie & ice cream - overall really good, the bison was cooked very pink, seemed to digest well, but I did think twice about it. Cookie was devoured and enjoyed!

Good read
Love me some Dan John. Always keep things fresh.

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