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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Work/Run/Work/Run x4

The power of imagination makes us infinite.
~John Muir

Wind in the trees.

Yes, early fall is apparent here near the gateway to the Rubicon Trail.

I love playing on these days because it is all with a deep breath and a quiet morning. I took the girls with me today and seeing them 'hanging' out is always a good thing.

Handstands, yes, practice, practice and I should be practicing. Cartwheels across the field as I set up the hurdles. I really needed a good stretch today and opted for some Indian clubs and the basic ROM over everything.

Brought out the KBs and some mini track hurdles. Placed them every 100 yds and created a 'station' in each spot. KBs were spread out every 200 yds. This is an idea that I came across from Mike Mahler a while back and just haven't had too much time to play with. It was meant to be more of a threshold training session, which I would have arranged as either :30/:30 or :45/:15, but used the rest as a run this time. Here goes!

4 RNDs - 16 minutes
:30 ON each station, :30 to run 100yds to the next.

I chose a different movement at each station rather than repeating rounds today. Here is the rundown.

Close grip push ups
KB Power swing
Sit ups
KB OHSwing

Snatch R
Jumping jacks
Snatch L

Hip bridges
Figure 8

Side Plank R w/raise
Clean R
Side Plank L w/raise
Clean L

Hot tired and ready for lunch. I capped the work off with some lateral jumping over the hurdles, hops w/swing finisher. A nice rest day tomorrow ;). I love earning these.

I will take John's instruction today and consider the power of imagination.

Food nugs
Geared up for CLEAN program starting tomorrow ;)
I found my 'balance' with it, there is no caloric restriction which is important, enough protein and macros for supporting my activity so, 3, 2, 1 ...

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