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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.


AirDyne 2.5 miles
Ran the first one to get the blood pumping 4-5 and dropped the remainder down to flow. Sweating like a crazy gal at the end of this. Humid?

No lifts today, so enjoyed the skill work.

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have actually worked - worked - with the bell. But all that changes today! My KB class is back on the schedule officially in our little Podunk town, rest time is over and I can't wait to see the group.

... AND I am officially signed up for the StrongFirst KB certification in Feb! Woo hoo! Taking it to the next level. This means some focused training. Taking Dan Johns recommendations to heart and incorporating them in to my week, look for that starting next rotation. Perfect practice ...

1 TGU, snatch at the top 35#

Joy :)

3 RNDs
20 GHD
20 Ring dips
20 Pull ups

B warm up - nothing like working on a little snatch form while everyone else is!

Jammed straight up to volleyball tonight. Tick tock, oh how time can fly. Missed the first match ;( but came in strong on the second and we ended up with 2 out of 3 matches. Great teamwork, great weather, just all around fun to be back on the court. Practice seemed to pay off for Bump Up OR Shut Up! so far.

Food nugs
Thinking of shifting to a more cleansing diet for a few weeks. I was exposed to something that has just put my gut in a wringer. Doesn't make it fun to try to eat to perform when ugh! I have added some deep green smoothies in and already feeling a difference in digestion. Highlights coming.

While I love making this a priority, yeah, not today.

Chick talk!
Want an athletic body but still fit into your skinny jeans ... not gonna happen! But if you take a deep breath and congratulate yourself on a body well built, you will realize that you just might look damn good in a new cut of booty jeans and celebrate the work you've done.
The Athletic Build

Coached by a woman? A good read. Female Coach?

Dear CrossFit
Crossed the line with inappropriate photos? There is nothing worse than trying to perform and perform well than to have a camera snap a crotch shot or wardrobe malfunction. Most athletic wear is pretty steady, but not made for every move we might attempt. Take to heart the takeaway. Well done Patrick!

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