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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taking' It Easy

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl 
is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.
 ~ Albert Einstein

Fully intending to get in and finish out the week, I woke up with my shoulder pinned in an awkward position. It hurt like heck for about an hour. Some simple mobility and a warm shower seemed to relaxed things back where they belong (she says crossing fingers ... EMOTM split jerks tomorrow!)

The winds have changed and smoke from the rim fire is thick again over the foothills/canyon. Frankly I think I am due for a massage. Hello Red Lantern, sounds a bit seedy but oh not so, I prefer keeping my clothes on for these poundings. Really prefer rotating the techniques and my feet are much appreciative of the reflexology. Gotta get with Patrick on his new technique ... he's harder to corner.  So, pushing out training until tomorrow. I take today as a 'listen to my body' day and HRV has been in the yellow for the last couple of days. No alarm, but time to breathe deeply (off the hill) and let the energy flow.

Catching up on some reading, enjoying a cup of coffee and a quiet house.Looking forward to some family time, snuggle and just lounging with my sweetie girl. The pre-teenage years, so much going on, want to just hang out in the retreat and see what topics we get to explore. We spend a fair amount of time reminiscing lately. I miss my mom and the stories we enjoy can be therapeutic.

I am feeling a green smoothie coming on ;), glass of wine with hubby tonight, some old fashioned charcoal bbq and a good flick (maybe, movies have been pretty disappointing lately).

It has only been a month since swim coaching has ended and that week or so I took off was very worth it. These last couple of weeks of coaching mornings with a few double coaching days has caught up with me again. Schedule, schedule, schedule can be pretty demanding and I get home at night wondering why I am actually so drained. I honestly have it darn good! Much as I enjoy it. Trying to balance the super mom/carpool manager, nutritionist, performance focused master athlete, wife and chicka can be a tad overwhelming. I like my version of plate spinning these life roles in my own mojo flow and look forward to getting back to it!

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