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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breathe, Stretch, Flow

The power to move freely with your body, is part of your Evolution.

Breathe. Stretch. Flow. 

Woke up still feeling the effects in my legs from the weekend. 

Breathe, stretch, flow. 

Planning a good flush out before lifting. Seriously, did I do that much work! There was so much fun that it hardly felt like work. Well, I do know that I woke up a few areas that have not been working as much! Start with some sun salutations and get to looking up the mobility warm up!

Considering my relationship with time. I am in the perfect place to begin creating some new habits. So much to consider, particularly when it comes to what I want to work on related to body movement. I know that strength is building, I am feeling good with that, but I have had a tingle in the back of my mind about 'movement' not just strength or power.

AirDyne - 1 mile, tight

5 Ring swings
2 Snatch @bar
Meeting with Juan to do some MU practice Thurs ;). Yep, I combined these in the interest of time for me. Since I am not MUping yet.

Warrior Mode Flow
2 RNDs
10 each
Knee slide through
Leg pull through - know that I know ... so much easier!


5 Backsquat @145#
5 Snatch grip DL @ 95#
10 GHD
10 Superman rock

Had had to play with more spidey stuff. 

10 each side
Lateral hand push ups ... not sure what they are really called! Both hands on the same plane on one side of the body. Me likey ;)!
The power of habit. First create the habit. Then the habit creates you. 
What might you be creating? Do you want to create something else? New habits must lead.

Food nugs

Breakfast smoothie - finishing up the pumpkin - current fav!
Coach for a couple of hours. Water. Workout.
PWOD - straight to lunch, Dbl serving of grilled chicken over herbed salad w/mango salsa dbl dose
Cheesecake yes, you heard that right. Coffee on the side ;) - Nutrient Timing?
Lara Lemon Bar w/sunflower seed butter and lots of it!
Pulled beef slow cooked over celery & sweet potato

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