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Monday, October 21, 2013



Being one with the Earth.
Moving in one motion with the body.

Running a bit behind on logging. So much going on this time of year. Coaching days are all day away from the computer and off the hill. A new cert the works and study time requires actual book reading (yay!)

Last week Monday we did a little Bring Sally up! I used 75# and it was certainly enough. Pretty darn fun. Warmed up with some EKG L1, Warrior Mode Tabata core as a follow up and, DONE! 

Tuesday was a a modified L2 for me as my hip/knee was really feeling it. Squats did not feel good so took to some AirDyne sprints 4 x .5m, R5 min between. Afternoon Warrior Mode 1 - 3 sets of 5 and 4 RNDs of Macebell 10 to 2.

Wed a good day to take off ;). Just some Macebell work 10 to 2. 3 RNDs, 10 reps each direction.

Thursday, Metcon of  15 minute AMRAP 55# 5 Push Press, 10 T2B, 15 Burpees - 9 RNDs +4. Light and fast. Afternoon Warrior Mode 1, no Mace today. Really feeling this in the triceps ;). But would be too much with todays metcon.

Friday, off. Busy errand running. Medicine wheel work. Nice check in at the river, but wow, is the water low. Time for more rain dancing. 

Saturday, OH! Super fun. Last minute decision to go to the Body Tribe's Movelab: Sandbag workshop. So, so glad that I did. Learned some new very effective movements to use with both the Alpha & BruteForce Sandbag! Side to side deadlift, get up @ 95# whoa! didn't think I could get that one. Sandbag swings of course were awesome and getting the launch them behind was a treat. The Burpee to clean to press was a bit of fun as well. Couple of rounds here, couple of rounds there. All in all, good times!

Sunday off again, family hang time!

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