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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some Spidery Stuff

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, 
which unites your body to your thoughts.  
~Thich Nhat Hanh

After getting my hip popped back into place, yesterday was a great workout. However, I might have overdone it a little. The evening brought a dull ache on the right side of my body and sleep was fitful. Ugh! Do not let this get out of hand girl!

Seriously, having a full grown man plow full force into your hip during a volleyball match can be a game changer. Yes, I thought I would just shake it off. Yes, all seemed just fine, I continued my squat cycle and L2 training. Yes, I had some nice bruising, but poor guy did too, bruised forehead and I drew blood! Oh, I felt so bad ;(. But we carried on and after a couple of intensive workshops over the last couple of weeks, my body was talking back. Squatting was incredibly uncomfortable. Knee bending was starting to become tender. Time to take care of business. Now that I have, I need to be smart enough to allow time for continued re-alignment. The body is amazing when it comes to recovery as long as we give it time.

Just felt that mobility would continue to be the right course of action here. Watching everyone do the team WOD today, got me a little juiced up, but, I was able to keep on with the plan. Wall Ball and Running would not be optimal movements, yet. Hoping to schedule that in on Thursday. This is the beginning of a more metcon/bodyweight movement focused cycle for me. I want to get solid in foundation (working through KStarr's movement & mobility system to start) and come back from break ready to lift some stuff! 

Took ample time to work through full KStar Posterior High Chain as well as some T-Spine Smashing.  Use the breath, use the breath, remember to breathe. It was kinda painful and that's all I have to say about that. Drank a full pint of water and chilled for a few.

Now I was ready to move. Wow! What a difference. Realign, replenish and restore.

AirDyne 1 mile

Warrior Mode 1 - 5 each side, 3 RNDs
Mtn climber (4CT)
Spidey leg sweep R/L
Child post to plank

Warrior Mode 2 - 5 each side, 1 RND
Knee thru to elbow, diamond hands
Parallel side push up
Leg thread - I am pretty excited that these are going well!

Starting week 3 on these movements, will add in two more rounds for mode 2 and work on increasing mode 1 to 5 RNDs, tough though. Next week let's see if I can handle all three modes in some variation. Cool stuff! 

Good day, good day. Off to enjoy an evening of meditation with an Italian Zen Buddhist Monk. Keep Calm and Breathe On!

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