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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warrior Up

Do what it takes to survive the structure you position yourself into.
Warrior up.

Running through the training strategy for the Unconventional Juggernaut Challenge. Not planning on attending, but curious how these movements translate into my training. 

Piggybacking on the spidery stuff this one I blended in with some AirDyne sprints. Oh so good!


KB Long Cycle - first time doing this ... was harder than I thought.
DBL Clean & Press @ 8kg
10 reps per minute got me to the 50 rep mark just in time.

Coaching Fran is always fun. These make you absolutely want to jump in. So many great efforts today. PRs abound. Ready for mine. Haven't done Fran with Bfly pull ups yet.

Early PM work

Warm up
3 RNDs
5 Front squat w/ bar
5 Press w/ bar
5 Kip swings

Skill: Kip/Bfly practice - efficiency 

Hip mobility - keep your eyes on the recovery ;)

Warrior Mode 1 - 3 RNDs

4 RNDs

.25M AirDyne sprint
30M 100# Chain pull - Alt arms each round


2 RNDs
Macebell swings 10 to 2 
A couple of 360's 

 New skill requires practice. Looking forward to the Battling Rope reps and more time with the sandbags.

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