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Monday, October 28, 2013

Look Up

Warm up
Run 1 mile - perfect post rain run, so fresh
Pigeon to Pigeon Transitions - ready to revisit this one ;)

Clean & Press Sampler! OMG this was a blast!
2 RNDs - 10 reps every round rotate clean modality. 

  • DBL KB @12kg
  • Barbell @45#
  • MedBall @20#
  • Sandbag @50#
  • DBL KB @ 12kg

KB Drills
5 DBL Snatch @12kg
5 Figure 8 to Hold each side
10 KB Swing walkout

15 Sandbag step ups @30#/20 in.
10 TRX Rows
15 KB weighted sit ups

6 RNDs + 5 step ups

Felt good to get that in! Been feeling mucho sluggish without some of the met con work this last cycle. Too bad I didn't have a pull up bar!

Good read - Should you have that chocolate with soy lecithin in the ingredients?
Harmful or Harmless?

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