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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hold on, man.  
We don't go anywhere with 
in the title.  
~ from Scooby-Doo

Anatomy of a WOD TECH!
Affiliate shirt, reebok shorts, Rx armband,  comp wristband,  oly shoes, knee wrap, knee socks, tape & repair lotion, PR book, lifting belt, wrist wraps & gloves, hair tie & favorite girl, fit aid, paleo pack & coconut oil in pocket!

Warm up
Tripedal movement
5 minutes


EMOTM 15 minutes
Back squat 80%1RM - went 135# today
It was the last round that was where I thought, thank goodness it isn't a 20  min AMRAP!

Mtn Climbers
Ring rows 
Ice skaters
KB Russian Swing - 24kg

Fully costumed, which restricted some movement, but since I was a WOD Tech ... well, I was pretty much raring to go anyway ;). Doing tabata with the weight belt on was a new experience, ahahaha. Talk about a little sweating. It's gooooood!

Fun classes to coach and great workout for me! 

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