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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


... don't limit yourself by eating too little. Quality of food matters. ~ ETP

Tuesday, holiday week, schools out ... feeling a bit lazy, extra cup of coffee (thanks Naturally Cool Coffee!!). Great morning L1 WOD for the class. Did the warm up with the group ;).

EMOTM 10 min
5 Kip swings
10M walking lunges
20 Running in place

50 DBL KB Clean & press @8kg
Under 5 min - I am still taking these at 10 EMOTM for the 5 minutes. Plan to increase bell size after next set and see where I am with completion.

Pull up
2x5 strict chin ups - at the last set had to break at 3 ... good focus through the rest of the year!
3x10 butterfly pull ups

Sumo Deadlift
2x5 @95
2x10 @135 - unbroken feeling good!
2x8 kipping - damn hard to hold on after 5, really! Better get more regular here and hand care.

2 mile hike - nothing crazy, just good to be outdoors

I AM the power of regeneration & transformation!

Good Read!
4 Steps to Superior Athletic Performance

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