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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leapin' Lizards!

Much needed dry sauna today. Really, burning up to 500 calories in a 20-30 minute session?! No wonder I am always ravenous after a good sit. I hit 45 minutes of dripping bliss today.

Macebell Circuit
Super fun and much harder than it looks ;)

Perform the entire Macebell workout as a single circuit with no rest in between Macebell exercises. Rotate the direction of the 360, Overhead Oblique, and Windmill with each set.
A1: Kayak - 4 x 30sec
A2: Macebell 360 - 4 x 30sec
A3: Macebell Press Crunch - 4 x 30sec
A4: Macebell 360 - 4 x 30sec
A5: Macebell Overhead Oblique - 4 x 30sec
A6: Macebell 360 - 4 x 30sec
A7: Macebell Windmill - 4 x 30sec

Run 3.5 miles

300aDay unbroken
100 squats
100 sit ups

Still have to break up the push ups into 5x20

Off to the Jr High Music Mania production of ANNIE! So proud of my sweetie girl!

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