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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sand & Heaven

Tire flips 100M

Diamond Push up

2x10 - had to break @7 on these then finish - arghh!

Pendlay Bent over row

2x5 @75

3x5 Warrior Mode 1

Mtn Climber 4ct - out/out, in/in
Leg sweep w/push up (es)
Weight transfer back to front plank

3x5 Warrior Mode 2

Plank knee to opposite elbow
Vertical side push up (es)
Leg thread (es)

Hmmm just had to throw this one in today 

4 RNDs

Sandbag Work
Sandbag shoulder R x6
Sandbag shoulder L x6
Clean & press x10
Side to side DL x10
Zercher squat x6

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