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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Touch of Frost

The best way out is always through. 
~ Robert Frost

Some days the work is just work. Today was that day and it's okay.  I included a little sandbag ditty above to keep the blood pumping ;). Can't wait to find my bridge and go for it. Something about doing it outside that just makes it amazing. I think that is what it was for me today. The coldest day and I was feeling stuck inside for lifts rather than out in that razor air. 20 degrees and a beautiful sunrise when I left this morning, brrrrr. Well the thing about training early, there is always later in the day for some fun!

Warm up
EMOTM - 10 minutes
5 Burpees
25 second Plank
Sticking with #BOLD as I get through the first week of strength.

Strength sets
5x1 @50
4x1 @70
3x2 @75
2x2 @80
3x2 @75
4x1 @70
6x1 @60
8x1 @50

Jumping Jax 120

5x1 @85
4x2 @100
3x2 @115
3x5 @125

Good morning w/45# bar 5x5
25 Burpees

3 RNDs

  • 10 Step ups 5R/5L w/DBL 8kg KB
  • 10 ES KB Row @8KG
  • 10 Sumo Squat - felt kinda different, but really open those hips at the bottom
  • 10 Push up w/alt arm extension
  • KB Swing - Russian ;) today
  • Side/Side hops over sandbag

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