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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Way I Carry My Strength

The Way I Carry My Strength Matters

“The mightier the rice becomes, the more it bows its head.”  
The stronger one becomes, the more humility he shows.
~ Japanese proverb

Back to the GRIND :). Or is it really a grind?! Missed my classes over the last couple of weeks. Really had a huge showing today for both L1 & X. Good times in those morning classes!

Brought my sweetie girl with me as school is not quite back in session yet and she was a rocker! Jump roping on the balance beam, so excited for her! Then we moseyed on over to shoot a little hoop and get in a swim before devouring a DBL Habit burger, yep, that's my girl!


For Time:
25 Wall ball 14#
20 Wall ball
15 Wall ball


Wonder how many of these we will see in the Open this year. Yes, I was thinking this during each round of wall ball ... wall ball unbroken, not heavy enough, but available ;)

Rest 4 minutes


12 Pull ups
12 KB Swing 35# - again, not heavy enough but available :(



Deadlift - 5 sets, rest 2 minutes between sets
1 - 10 reps @ 115
2 - 10 reps @135
3 - 10 reps @150
4 - 10 reps @ 165
5 - 10 reps @ 175

Yep, didn't quite follow the instructions and drop a few reps on the last 2 sets, but hey! I forgot my scribble and no internet access. It happens! Still happy with the lifts. However, not enough time between today's DBL so I was feeling the lack of recovery in the last set.


3 Sets NFT
Banded Good Mornings x8 reps 30x1 - had to look this one up. kinda cool option
R 45
Supine Ring Tow x8 reps @ 2111
Weighted GHD Hip Extension x8 reps@2012 - 10# to start, it didn't feel heavy at all/15# plate

Just a thought on unplugging a bit in the New Year.

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