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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Old School Grinder

Great fire can follow a small spark. ~ Dante

The only thing left was to hang out on the floor with my jump rope :), well and shower!

Warm up
Row 1k

5 RNDs - and I did them all but the last 2 under protest :)
5 Bfly pull ups, getting good at these, yay!
10 Push ups I had to drop to my knees for the last rounds, ugh
15 decline weighted (10#) sit ups these feel great!!
20 squat - yep just squat, below parallel, open hip, rinse and repeat

50 T2B
Every-time you drop, 50 DBL unders. Don't look at the workout yet, there is a lot of work today.

Ended up with sets of 10, 12, 13, 15 and 150 DBL unders. I just couldn't hang on to the bar but was determined after that first set of jump rope. I was using the pipe handles and it was luckily different that the rig, but still not easy.

Just no reason to do TSC today. Will proceed with the schedule after a rest day.

Old school grinder at it's finest. I do love these as painful as they are when you are doing them.

  • 100 Pull ups - these seemed to take forever! I had to rotate bfly & kipping and so glad bfly is so much faster.
  • 100 KB Swings - healthy training has me doing these russian style, chest high ;)
  • 100 DBL Unders - yes, I was tired so sets ... 30, 25, 25 10, 10
  • 100 OHSquat w/ 45# bar - Masters call, I wanted to be able to finish within the time domain and still be able to function tomorrow! It was still hard.

Done and on the floor for a bit. Yes, I enjoyed propping myself on the wall, downing a full 16oz of water and breathing. Walking to my car, soaking up the sun and knowing that this will feel amazing for a while. Rest day tomorrow with a bit of yin yoga, a few light get ups and maybe some airdyne ;) to flush.

Excellent read
Entering the Castle, Carolyn Myss

Being a bit reflective during this week of the Passion. But isn't that what this time is about: reflection, renewal and rebirth?

I love how she took the 16th century Carmelite nun's The Interior Castle, St Teresa of Avila and worked her magic. Both are fantastic reads, (not easy though, be prepared to do the work) and when something hits me twice ... better pay attention.

Keeping an eye on the Stellar update since the Blood Moon Eclipse. So much energy is amazing.  It was quite the celestial show and worth staying up to watch. Feeling much like my old self again.

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