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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome Sweet Baby!

My beautiful niece has now become a mother ;) and I am a Great Auntie!

The news of labor and delivery was so exciting and a little early, but there was nothing going to keep me from trekking down and welcoming a new generation into our family. Thankfully the drive isn't too long.

But first! I knew I had to get the work in because the next few days would be exciting, emotional and likely no schedule.

Warm up
Row 1k
Didn't find that I had much patience for this distance today.

5 RNDs
5, Bfly pull up, 10 Push up, 15 Reverse sit up on bench, 20 Squats 

TSC Wk2, D3

Strict pull ups 3, 2, 2, 1 - these need to get easier :)
KB Snatch R/L @16kg, EMOTM 7 - 8 minutes
KB Dbl Front Squat - 12kg (I need to step this up next week, these were a bit easy) 5x5

All w/45# bar, for time, but I forgot to check the time! 
  • 100M Front racked lunges 
  • 100M Overhead carry
  • 100M Front racked carry
  • 100M Back racked carry
I was so pleased that I did not put the bar down. I did have to take pause though ... Did the lunges 20M then pause, Overhead was 1/2 & 1/2, Front racked carry was the hardest, back to 20M before pause and Back rack was a straight through finisher.

Now, off to see Baby D!

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