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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Road of Discipline

Good to be home. Anxious to get some sweat rolling :) and a little bit of focus. Eating schedule off, sleeping schedule off, emotions running high, too much driving ... all worth it!

Warm up

Run 1 mile

5 RNDs

5 Bfly pull up, 10 Push up, 15 Reverse Sit-up on decline bench, 20 Squats

Oh this was tough by round 4. But glad it is programmed. I feel like it should be getting easier, but will take it all in stride and see how it goes mid week.

TSC Wk2, D4

A little behind from the week, but fits well into the weekend.

Palms forward hold :10, :09, :08, :07, :06 - with the bfly pull ups this feels right over dead hang right now.

4x10/10 1-Arm swings @ 16kg

4/4 TGU @ 12kg - done post WOD

Deficit Deadlift @135# 3, 3, 2, 2

As much as I hate the mirrors in this room, they occasionally come in handy when I am focused on form. 


10 Minute AMRAP - from South City CF thank you!!
10 Deadlift @ 95#
10 HSPU - scaled

8 RNDs +6 DL, it was all I had ;)!

This was a blast!  My favorite kind of WODs. Feeling good too. That crazy post workout energy kind of thing. Zing zing zing!

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