When I'm in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens. ~Ozzie Smith

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Faith & Flow

 ~ Voltaire

Warm up
3 RNDs
Row 200
50 Single Unders
5 Ring dips

Bar MU - assisted, these were not pretty, but they got done & can't wait to get so much better :)

750M Row
30 Box Jumps (20")
10 C2B pull ups (should have been MU but, one thing at a time!)
500M Row
20 Box Jumps
8 C2B
250M Row
10 Box Jumps
6 C2B

Talk about fatigue in the first transition, hello BOX!

Finisher CFAX - just feeling it in today's flow, so fun to coach, not it's my turn to play!
8 RNDs each
:20 ON/ :10 REST
Tactical Lunges w/8kg KB
Side Plank w/KB hold
Ring hold - yep this was by far the hardest of the movements today
Bear crawl - definitely feeling the love in the hammies in the last 3 RNDs

Pure joy! Something that is inspiring me while reading the Firebreather book. Seriously. I don't know if I had forgotten how much I loved those early days of CrossFit or the fire in my belly was just turned down a bit. Either way. This is fantastic ;)

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